Custom Celebration Cakes

We offer custom artwork for those looking for something a little more special for your celebration. We can do anything your budget will allow, from simple illustrations to sculpted animals. Custom artwork is priced as an additional charge on top of the cost of a standard celebration cake.

To order your custom cake, first choose the size and flavor from our standard celebration cake menu, then we will add a custom art charge on top of that.

Even the simplest custom artwork requires research, time and advanced decorating skills, and we need ample notice to prepare. During peak wedding season and holidays, we limit the amount of custom artwork orders that we take.

It may be necessary to schedule a design consultation with one of our artists for more complicated cakes ($15 for a 30-minute consultation). Please ask one of our staff for more information.

Custom cakes must be ordered at least one week in advance.

General Pricing guidelines for Custom Artwork

If you know exactly what your are looking for, it is most helpful if you can provide the artwork when you order (or email the artwork to us). Anything you can do to save us time will save you money. Art charges will vary greatly depending on the difficulty of the design, research time and number of colors used and the size of your cake.

A note on copyrighted characters: sorry, but we cannot risk drawing copyrighted characters on our cakes. Companies like Warner Bros. and Disney license manufacturers to create the stock designs and figures you see on grocery store cakes, and have actually sued small bakeries for drawing these characters freehand. What we can do is utilize the colors and styles of your character theme to create a design, which will complement your party. You are welcome to bring in figures that we can incorporate into the design as well. The art charge for doing this would generally run in the $15.00-$20.00 range.

simple illustrations ($5-15 art charge)

We can draw a custom illustration on any of our cakes. It can be as simple as duplicating napkin design or sports logo to creating an original design to complement the theme of your party.

2-D Designs: ($50-$150+)

These are simple shapes usually cut out of sheet cake with illustrated details. These are original works of art– a strawberry shortcake or vintage wine for a vintage lady party– no two are alike. These cakes require more time to design and create, and cost a bit more.

3-D Designs: ($500-$2000+)

These cakes are original works of art created from blocks of cake, stacked and engineered to design. Indeed, they are very sweet sculptures.

Creating 3-D cakes is very labor intensive, requiring lots of time to design and research, unique skills to engineer, and artistic ability and experience to carve and detail. Because they are expensive, these are usually created for groom's cakes or to celebrate a milestone birthday or event.

These cakes are priced individually and must be ordered at least two weeks in advance. We take a limited number of these orders, especially during wedding season.